Treat yourself to your very own magical painting made by Lily Marfisi !



Lily can paint your spirit animal, your pet, or a special vision you had.

Note: You can also order a painting as a gift to one of your loved ones (children, friends, family, etc).


Energy painting :

Each custom painting is unique and you will benefit from its special energy. During the painting process, Lily connects with you (or the person for whom the painting is intended), the subject of the painting (the animal for example) as well as the intention you want to give to the painting. Each painting therefore vibrates differently. The animal will shine its highest light outside the painting, and you can hang it in a place you see often in order to benefit from its energy as much as possible.

When the painting is complete, Lily performs a sacred ritual of cleansing and blessing with sage to seal the intention and vibration of the painting for its new owner.


Medium used :

Each painting is done on cotton canvas (or linen canvas if requested). Lily mostly uses oil paint, and only sometimes uses other mediums at the beginning of the process such as acrylic, gold leaf, inks, shiny pigments. 


Price :

The price is calculated according to the size and complexity of the painting (for example if there are several subjects or only one). Lily will give you several size options to choose from.

The basis of her commission price is 3€/square inch. Note that the price will be higher for small paintings, or paintings with more complexities and elements.

Here is an approximate idea of prices for a custom order : 21x26in (54x65cm) = 1638€, 29x24in (73x60cm) = 2088€, 32x25in (81x65cm) = 2400€, 36x29in (92x73cm) = 3132€ (other sizes are available, these are examples).

It is possible to pay in several instalments, see directly with Lily if you want to do so.


Commission process :

1- Share with Lily your vision of the painting : the desired subjects, colours, the size, the special intention... feel free to share all the details that could be useful to her to get the most accurate vision of your artwork.

2- Lily will agree to create your artwork or not. Some visions might be too far from Lily Marfisi's style, in that case she might not be the right person for that piece.

3- If you both agree on the project, Lily will send you several canvas size choices and the corresponding prices, and you can choose which one suits you best. She will advise you on the ideal size of the painting according to the subject you want. Different subjects will fit different sizes of painting (for example a ladybug as a main subject will be painted on a smaller painting than an elephant).

4- A deposit will be due before starting the painting, and full payment will be due before the final delivery of the painting. If you pay in several instalments, please discuss it beforehand with Lily directly.

5- Your painting will be ready and varnished within 1 to 3 months.

6- You will receive your artwork and can fully enjoy it for the rest of your life!



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