Lily Marfisi

Lily Marfisi was born in France next to Paris, from a Vietnamese-Chinese mother and Venezuelian-French father. She grew up moving all around the globe and changing countries every year or so with her parents and sister. She had to adapt fast to new cultures, new language, and new relationships. That unique childhood gave her her first insight into the spiritual realm of animals, with whom she would communicate and play with everyday. These power animals gave her the strength and ability to adapt, transform and evolve whenever it was needed. 

Later in life, Lily became a shamanic practitioner and is now still leading shamanic retreats for groups of people who want to transform their lives. She uses her connection to the spirit animals within the shamanic realm to help others heal and to believe in their own potential.

Lily started to paint these animal-guides shortly after her beginnings with the shamanic work, when she felt a clear call from the Spirit world to translate these spiritual aids onto a canvas, so that everybody could benefit from their vibration. She hadn't painted before, and decided to take the online Mastery Program at Milan Art Institute, and had the privilege to be personally mentored by the founder and artist Elli Milan.

“My art is about bringing the spiritual realm into our reality. It’s about transforming our beliefs, believing that anything is possible, and letting power animals guide us through our life journey.”  Lily Marfisi

Her paintings are known to have a vibrational effect on the viewer, who feels a soul connection to the animal in front of them. Her paintings are also called “intuitive paintings” or “healing paintings”, due to the mystical energy that radiates from them. 

Mainly using oil paints on canvas, Lily sometimes likes to include mixed media mediums such as inks, gold leaf, and shiny pigments, rendering these mystical realistic paintings even more magical !

Today, Lily lives and works in Toulouse in the South West of France. She works full time, balancing a busy schedule between painting the mystical realm and leading transformational shamanic workshops.

A look into her shamanic retreats in France

Shamanic retreats with Lily Marfisi

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Note: Workshops are held in French. If you are interested in an english-speaking workshop, please message her to be put on the waiting list.