About Spirit Animals

What is a spirit animal ?

Spirit animals, also called power animals or totem animals, are usually associated with shamanic practices, and refer to the animals we can call within the spirit realm. They come to help us, guide us, heal us, protect us, in our everyday life. They are like our guardian angels, and we can count on them to help us evolve into the best version of ourselves. 

The number of power animals is infinite. They can be animals from the earth, from the ocean, from the sky, and even mystical animals (dragons and such). Each spirit animal has its own characteristics, its own powers. Depending on the need we have at that specific moment, the animal that is best suited to fulfil that need, will come to us.


How do we know which one is our spirit animal ?

Spirit animals can be encountered during shamanic journeys, meditations and other rituals that enable the participant to connect to their spirit animal. We can either feel them, see them, hear them, sometimes even smell them, or just have an intuitive sense of their presence. We can allow ourselves to have conversations with them, by speaking to them, and letting the answer come to us in different ways.

It is also possible to know what is our power animal by just paying attention to the signs around us. In our everyday life, what animal do we often think of ? Which one do we often see, as a real-life encounter, or as a symbol ? Maybe it’s a unique encounter that we once had with a wild animal, that really struck us and that we felt strangely connected to.

We can also look at paintings of animals, or photographs, and see which one speaks to us. Which image, colour, vibration, are we attracted to the most ? That can be a sign that this animal is wanting to connect with us.


Can we have more than one spirit animal ? Is it always the same ?

All spirit animals are different, and they all have incredible characteristics and powers. We can choose to stick with one main power animal for a while, until we feel that it is time to move on to another one. And we can have many different animals at once, that guide us through different stages and areas of our lives. One animal might be helpful for our professional life, another one might guide us into our love life, a third one might help us in our creativity, or our self-esteem, our health… We can surround ourselves of all these amazing helpers from the spirit realm, and allow ourselves to live our best life !


How does Lily Marfisi work with spirit animals ?

Lily uses the power of spirit animals in her shamanic practice that she does in France, they are the form of spirits she works the closest with. They help her during her healing sessions, guiding her, transmitting messages from the beyond, and protecting her.

She has a unique and special connection to them. They communicate with her, and they asked her to be brought into paintings, so that they can connect with all these amazing souls in the world, who will be attracted to the painting.


How can we most benefit from Lily’s paintings ?

Once you purchase a painting from Lily, you can hang it somewhere special to you. Just the vibration of the painting itself will act as a positive energy around you.

If you want, you can also take time to meditate in front of it, just by looking at it/into it, breathing slowly. You can also use it as a spirit guide, and ask it questions or talk to it, and have faith that this animal guide is hearing you, loving you, supporting you, protecting you, and will do everything in its power to help you in your everyday life. It is a friendly and loving presence that lives within you.


Do we need to believe in spirit animals to buy a painting from Lily Marfisi ?

Not at all ! Everyone has its own beliefs, thoughts and opinions. These previous paragraphs are suggestions given by Lily Marfisi, but you are always welcome to collect these paintings without sharing any of her beliefs. If there is a painting that speaks to you for whatever reason you hold, Lily will be honoured for you to collect it.